Best places to visit in 2021

◆ Kenya : Kenya is always a classic and its landscapes are the definition of “wide-open,” which will make the country more appealing than ever during the time of social distancing.
◆ Costa Rica : Costa Rica has maintained one of the lowest Covid-19 fatality rates its government is recognized for its successful management of the virus. Those looking to travel sustainably will also be pleased to see Costa Rica using 99.5% renewable, sustainable energy.
◆ British Virgin Islands : After rebuilding from Hurricane Irma, the British Virgin Islands were ready for the limelight and then Covid. They have always been a sailor’s paradise with pristine waters, secluded beaches, breathtaking scenery and mountainous islands.
◆ New Zealand : Definitely on most people’s bucket list, New Zealand was one of the countries that has best dealt with Covid. It ticks off all of those boxes and holds plenty of appeal for its amazing outdoors and isolated escapes.
◆ Slovenia : Located right next to Italy, Slovenia had been overlooked by tourists up until now. World’s most sustainable country, sleeping under the stars, greenery, vineyards and lake hotels are worth the visit.
◆ The Island s of Tahiti : So many destination weddings, honeymoons and milestone celebrations were put on hold in 2020, so 2021 will be a year for celebrations. They are also a natural choice for any traveler seeking carefree vacation options with family and friends.
◆ Qatar : Qatar is known for its fascinating culture and its varied landscapes ranging from beaches to desert to the futuristic sky-scraping capital of Doha. “Qatar has a strategy to position itself as the region’s prime spot for travel, safety, sustainable tourism and culture.
◆ Tunisia : Southern desert expanses out of Star Wars to farmland up north, plus archeological sites, seaside villages and a buzzing scene in Tunis—complete with one of the world’s oldest medinas—Tunisia is perfect for travelers interested in history, culture and getting off the beaten path.

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