Delhi is a city which is too dynamic.

It’s prosperity history reflects in the magnificent heritage buildings which are tucked in the sprawling city.

Delhi gives us a rumbling beauty to the landscape of city.

Delhi is a paradise for garments. Right from ancient traditional Mughai which is tucked behind the Masjids to splendid world class restaurants ,Delhi definitely has something for everyone.

It’s liveliness extends it’s handloom with colourful display of local merchandise.

Delhi is a peculiar destination deserving to be one’s journey.

Here are some of the beautiful destination which is going to attract the tourist from all over world.


The Qutab Minar is located in New Delhi, India

The construction of Qutab Minar was done by Qutab­din­Aibak in the 12th Century.

It is the biggest stone tower in India

It has always been an amazing example of Mughal architecture.

The Qutab Minar is 72m high and is built of red stones

The prayers of the Holy Quran are inscribed on the walls of the tower.

2.Bhai Temple

In the core of New Delhi, the clamoring capital of India, a lotus­formed layout has scratched itself on the awareness of

the city’s occupants, catching their creative mind, fuelling their interest, and altering the idea of love. This is the Bahá’í

Mashriqu’l­Adhkar, also called the “Lotus Temple”. With the unfolding of each new day, a steadily rising tide of guests

floods to its doorsteps to appreciate its magnificence and loll in its calmly otherworldly climate.

Its soothingly calm Prayer Hall and serene environmental elements have contacted the hearts of the Temple’s various

guests, arousing in them a longing to follow its helpful source and catch a bit of its tranquility for themselves. The

quality of quietness encompassing the Hall ingrains veneration

Some are moved by its ‘expressive quietness’ and

‘heavenly climate’. Individuals are influenced in fluctuated degrees by the harmony and magnificence of the sanctum


3.Iskcon temple

International society for krishna consciousness (iskcon) knwon as the hare krishna movement of hare krishnas is a gaudiya vaishnava religious .sri sri radha parthasaeathi mandir generally known as vaishnav temple of Lord krishna and radharani in the form of radha parthasaeathi. Is was started by 5 April 1998 by the former of PM of india and CM if dekhi. It is located by east kailash .

Isckon temple designed by achyut Kanvinde who in 1993 to accept a srilanka prabhupada is one of the largest temple complex in India.

The temple of various different service, the main focus is on the daily workship, prasadom seva goshala d, devotee care and 24 hr kirtan of the holy names of the lord and so many functions carried out in the temple.


UNESCO declared the tomb as one of the World Heritage Sites.

It was built in the eastern part of Delhi.

Built for Humayun by his wife 9years after his death.

The tomb was a Persian style-inspired architecture as the architect was of Persian origin.

His name was Mirak Mizra Ghiyas.

Bahadur Shah II used the tomb as a resting cum hiding place when the first fight for independence happened.

After Humayun, His wife who constructed it was also buried here and followed by other Mughal rulers.

The Tomb was built as per the description given in the Holy Quran on the paradise garden.

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