In todays present  world, the more details you get  to acquire  excellent knowledge. Hence , magazines are most  predominant because they impart  the reader  in-depth information  and brief details, in a useable as well as readable form.


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Magazines offer variety of articles which includes current information, photos as well as a biography.

What’s so great about the magazines are usually  they come in distinct  types , depending upon the persons  interests as well as enthusiasm. Some of the magazine’s  usually concentrate  on current ongoing news as well as event  such as music, sports, education ,tourism and space.

There are various magazines  available depending upon the readers choice such as  weekly magazines, monthly magazines, and quarterly magazines. In today’s busy and tedious  life we don’t get so time for ourselves  to get awareness and understanding about our ongoing current situation, since  we are too engrossed  in our daily lives .

So from magazine we get daily news ,information, as well as political news. Magazine is the major  source of comfort in a person’s life.

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what we do 

Our magazine is based on Global tourism where we will be providing information about the beautiful places in India which will attract a
large number of tourist from all over the world.

Our Global tourism magazine will provide various kind of insight
regarding travelling such as ice climbing, rock climbing
,environmental tourism, visiting religious places, cultural tours, as
well as adventure travelling.
Our magazine gives an additional information regarding the various
magnificent places in India, when it will be suitable and preferable
for the tourist to visit, famous places and how one can reach the
famous tourist as well as religious places. Tourist from all over country usually travel for different kind of purposes.
Some tourist travel to taste the authentic food, whereas some are
religion oriented ,some travel for adventure. Our tourism magazines will reflect the various tourist needs and requirement.

our first e-magazine

We as a global tourism organization help people in number of ways.
Our main aim as well as objective is to promote and assist Indian


Our aim is to support people who totally depend on tourism sector. Since The ongoing pandemic has highly affected and impacted the travel and tourism industry.
There are millions of people in India who are facing financial disparities.

Our main mission is to promote Indian tourist industry worldwide.
Our main goal is to also clean our surrounding area and make people aware why cleanliness is important so hat we can attract a large number of tourists.

A Look Inside the world

People all across the globe come to tourist destinations to find some
calmness as well as tranquility . Hence the government as well as
local people must maintain hygiene and cleanliness for the welfare
and wellbeing of the society.

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