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” The use of travelling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are. “

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Your beautiful journey doesn’t want any goal exploring and traveling never ever wants anything from you but they give you many things like open sky for flew, new thoughts for your imagination, patience for success..
if you don’t care about consequences, your journey of life is fruitful..
if you don’t care what others said about you, you are ready for the successful journey….
If you don’t Judge yourself, don’t compare yourself from others, you are ready for the journey of outer world .. .
if you love yourself whatever you are, you are reached your destination…
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Disaster Tourism

Disaster tourism has been defined as the practice of visiting locations at which an environmental disaster, either natural or man-made, has occurred. Although a variety of disasters are the subject of subsequent disaster tourism

Unexplored Caves in India
  • Elephanta Caves
  • Location :Mumbai Harbour,  Mahārāshtra.
  •    Bhimbetka 
  • Location :Raisen district, Madhya Pradesh
  • Bhaja caves: Location: Pune, Bhaje, Maharashtra, India

Sports destination around the world
  • Sports tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors in tourism. More and more tourists are interested in sport activities during their trips whether sports are the main objective of travel or not.
  • Sport events of various kinds and sizes attract tourists as participants 

Wellness Tourism

Yoga and wellness retreats have never been so popular. As a result of the pandemic’s renewed emphasis on holistic well-being, nutrition, and rejuvenation, an increasing number of people are planning short vacations and vacations around these options

The Taj Wellness Retreats, combines the expertise of in-house spa brand Jiva’s services for five-day wellness and 14-day Ayurveda retreat. 

explore India with win global tourism

A world to see


No matter how you see the world ,matter is that how you can change your world..someone sees the world with full of brightness.. someone sees the world with full of darkness…If you see the darkness doesn’t mean you are wrong but your insigh is little bit different from others..if you see the brightness , doesn’t mean you right,might be you saw something different..
Stop and silently listen the beautiful  music of nature and trust me you never ever want to turn the music off,so see the world with your pure soul and whole world will helps you to find glorious and truthful person inside you


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stay with us

Stay with us will be an activity for tourists people where people will be staying in rural areas instead of hotels. This will help rural people as well as tourist people where rural people will be getting money and tourist people will be getting a great experience. They can enjoy their food, stay and other cultures.

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