The continent of sandalwood, fibre , and the pungent spices, Karnataka is an energetic experience in itself.

Its prosperous lifestyle , inheritance and picturesque natural magnificent beauty makes for a charming getaway.

Tourism in Karnataka is an exciting mixture of an attractive destinations and electrifying adventures.

Situated in the extreme southern part of India, Karnataka offers a stunning tryst with tall mountains, calm and composed beaches, massive waterfalls, opaque forests, splendid wildlife, amazing heritage sites, dignified architecture, and an unbelievable extravaganza.

Here we present to you a glance of Karnataka tourism.


It is located on the stern end of Pamban Island or Island in Tamil Nadu,

Dhanushkodi was abandoned following a cyclonic storm in 196

Flanked by the Indian Ocean on one side and the Bay of Bengal on the other, Dhanushkodi was once a bustling and

flourishing town.

Also, it was the only land border between Sri Lanka and India, and s a major port for several pilgrims and traders.

The town ruins a cyclone, 1964

As per mythology, Dhanushkodi was the spot where Lord Ramamy built Ram Setu, otherwise known as Adam’s Bridge

across the sea.


Located at an altitude of 1400m, Mawsynram is the rain lover’s heaven as it collects the highest rainfalls in India.

The rains are so extreme in Mawsynram that the villagers uses thick grass to sound­proof their house from the thunderous


Mawsynram is also well known for thick green vegetation, hovering clouds, whopping waterfalls and the eyecatching orchids. Mawjymbuin Cave, Mawlyngbna Village and Jakrem are the famous places to visit in Mawsynram.

Also, the Mawsynram tourism is famous for the secretly placed caves and the adventure sports ventures.


Ballari district takes its name from the word Balari which refers to goddess Durugamma as this goddess had manifested herself in the town.

Some of the events in the great epic Ramayana are related to this historical place.

This area which had witnessed the prosperity to its peak fell into political turmoil after the fall of Vijayanagara in 1565.

This district was transferred to the erstwhile Mysore State on 1st October 1953 from Madras State.

Ballari District is under Kalaburagi Division and also under Hyderbad Karnataka region.

The city of Bellary is famous for the eponymous Bellary Fort, situated atop the Fort Hill.

Also known as Ballari Gudda, the Fort Hill is the second largest monolithic hill in the world.

It was constructed by the Vijayanagara king Hanumappa Nayaka.


Maanthe is about 115 km fm indial hub Mangre, 55 km fm Udupi.

NH­66 ru next to the bch and the Sornika Rier flows on the otr side of te road.

Fishing is main actity of the fisher folk of this area, but infrastructure for meting the fine produce is not well delved

The Malvanthe beach is a beautiful beach town with wlite sand spread miles and miles along the cst that fetches the

beach a nickname of Vgin Beach.

Post stm season is peculiar for similing and general tourism amid the rainstorm.

A scope of cooking styles from Indian to South Indian dishes will likewise be accessible for vegans.

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