Factfile of Meghalaya

  • Capital:- Shillong
  • Languages:- Khasi, Garo, English
  • Climate:- It is neither too warm in summer not too cold in winter the climate is warm and humid, except in winter.
  • Clothing:- Summer(April to October) Light tropical, Winter (November to March) Wollen.

Season to visit:- October to April

Famous food items of Meghalaya

  1. Jadoh
  2. Dohkhlieh
  3. Pumaloi
  4. Nakham Bitchi.

Dresses of Meghalaya.

Meghalaya is known as to be one of the beautiful states of North Eastern India. The state has a very peaceful atmosphere and a serene environment to offer and is home to a number of tribes such as Garo, Khasi and Jaintia

Traditional Dances of Meghalaya

No celebration in Meghalaya is complete without the involvement of dance and music. The dance forms in the states are dedicated to various events such as social, religious, agricultural and recreational. Beautiful dance forms coupled with melodious music is very soothing to soul

Interesting facts about Meghalaya

  1. Meghalaya is a young state in India.
  2. The majority of the people in Meghalaya are tribal.
  3. Meghalaya is the beautiful state and hence widely known as “Scotland of the East”.
  4. Meghalaya has a number of ancient caves.
  5. Meghalaya shares an international border with Bangladesh.
  6. Mawlynnong in Meghalaya is the cleanest village in India.
  7. Mawsynram holds the record for receiving highest rainfall on earth.

Famous festivals of Meghalaya

  • Shad Sukra Festival.
  • Behdeinkhlam Festival.
  • Wangala festival.
  • Strawberry Festival.

Famous tourist attractions of Meghalaya.

  1. Nohkalikai Waterfalls.
  2. Double Decker living root bridge.
  3. Umiam lake.
  4. Dawki-Umngot River 


Why should visit Nagaland?

   Do you want to get out of the concrete jungle and  go on an adventure? The wild lands of Nagaland call in for a mesmerizing experience to travel enthusiasts. The dewy hills, scenic beauty and the dynamic Naga tribes will make your stay an outstanding memory. It’s not fully developed and hence you will find the authentic tribal lifestyle even today. Here, you can get up close and personal with the tribal culture who welcome the tourists with their music, dance, attire and art work

The breathtaking view of the valleys, exquisite green landscape and a rustic terrain makes Nagaland a dream destination. Its top places to explore are Dimapur, Kohima, Kaiphire, and Mokokchung

How to reach Nagaland?

In order to reach Nagaland you can take flights to Dimapur, which is the only airport here or you can take the trains which halt at Dimapur. The rest of Nagaland is connected by the State Transport. There are frequent buses from Dimapur to Guwahati, Shgillong and Mokokchung

Major tourist attractions of Nagaland





Famous fesitvals of Nagaland




4 Dishes from Nagaland that are worth trying

Fish in Bamboo



Smoked pork in Akhuni

Shopping Markets in Nagaland


Hongkong Market 

Tibetan Market

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